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relationship bullshit

< 17yrs │ male │ not a hero │ pansexual >

-- turntechGodhead [TG] began pestering all you fucks at ??? --

-- dave motherfuckin' strider here in the flesh --
-- wearing his awesome magical time pjs --

These time pjs are so fucking COMFORTABLE. You look so cool in these PJS. You're Dave motherfuckin' Strider, you can make ANYTHING look COOL. You are so fucking COOL that you are off the cool charts. You are cooler than the fucking ARCTIC. You are a motherfuckin' IGLOO in the ice cold TUNDRA. That's how cool you fucking are. Even though you are cool, the place you live in is HOT. So goddamn hot. It's like the SUNS picked this place to be its own personal DOMAIN or some shit. It's so goddamn BRIGHT where you are. Luckily you have your SHADES. Which you may or may not be hiding an INFERIORITY COMPLEX behind.

You are the TIME guy. It's what you know the MOST about. You need to make STABLE time loops or else BAD things happen. One step out of line and DEAD Daves start piling up and it's a bitch to clean. DOOMED Daves are the enemy here. They just remind you that many will DIE if you mess up. You can't be a HERO if death happens on YOUR watch. You don't need more CORPSES laying around that LOOK like you. Heck, they ARE you. It's a bit UNSETTLING, but you're too cool to show that. Cool guys don't have EMOTIONS, or TEAR DUCTS.

You used to like all those PUPPETS your Bro has. Then Egbert had to go and make you PARANOID. Now you can't even stand being around ANY of them, even Cal. Another thing you don't do anymore is those stupid pointy ANIME SHADES. They're not really your thing. You grew out of them a LONG time ago, but you didn't have any shades to REPLACE them with till Egbert got you your current shades which are AWESOME.

These sweet threads you wear may looks a little STUPID, but you think they're COOL so everyone else can fuck off. Two things people should not mess with are your SHADES or your fucking CAPE. Those are LOOK but don't TOUCH things. Behind these shades are your peepers. You are just a little INSECURE about them. After all they are fucking RED. Like. Devil eyes or some bullshit like that. You never remove your shades because of that, but to keep up your cool dude appearance you cite IRONY.

Truthfully you can be really DORKY and EMBARRASSING, but that's just part of your CHARM, even if you'll never admit to that. You keep up that facade of NOT GIVING A FUCK and being cool.

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United States

-- turntechGodhead --

Your name is DAVE STRIDER and you are a COOL dude. You can throw down some ILL BEATS any time you goddamn please with your chill as fuck TURNTABLES. IRONY is your bitch. It's your element. You are the KNIGHT OF TIME and you like all kinds of BLADES. You wear some fucking awesome SHADES. You never take them off because cool dude rule number one is to NEVER REMOVE YOUR SHADES EVER. It's something your Bro drilled into your head since as long as you can REMEMBER. Anyway, you're a really chill dude. You are COOLER than COOL.

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